ClipFlip : Multi-view Clipart Design

I-Chao Shen, Kuan-Hung Liu, Li-Wen Su, Yu-Ting Wu, Bing-Yu Chen

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I-Chao Shen, Kuan-Hung Liu, Li-Wen Su, Yu-Ting Wu, Bing-Yu Chen, ClipFlip : Multi-view Clipart Design, Computer Graphics Forum, Volume 40, Issue 1, Feb 2021. [DOI]

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We present an assistive system for clipart design by providing visual scaffolds from the unseen viewpoints. Inspired by the artists’creation process, our system constructs the visual scaffold by first synthesizing the reference 3D shape of the input clipart andrendering it from the desired viewpoint. The critical challenge of constructing this visual scaffold is to generate a reference3D shape that matches the user’s expectations in terms of object sizing and positioning while preserving the geometric styleof the input clipart. To address this challenge, we propose a user-assisted curve extrusion method to obtain the reference 3Dshape. We render the synthesized reference 3D shape with a consistent style into the visual scaffold. By following the generatedvisual scaffold, the users can efficiently design clipart with their desired viewpoints. The user study conducted by an intuitiveuser interface and our generated visual scaffold suggests that our system is especially useful for estimating the ratio and scalebetween object parts and can save on average 57% of drawing time


This work was supported in part by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan, under Grant MOST109-2634-F-002-032, 109-2218-E-002-026, and National Taiwan University. And we are grateful to the National Center for High-performance Computing. We want to thank Sheng-Jie Luo, Chi-Lan Yang, anonymous reviewers for insightful suggestions, and Seraphina Yong for proofreading parts of the paper. I-Chao Shen was supported by the MediaTek Fellowship.

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